Recession-Ready: Cost-Cutting & Turnaround with John Rossman Ex-Amazonian & Author of The Amazon Way

Yoni Kozminski
February 8, 2023
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This week, we're incredibly honored to have John Rossman - a sought-after business advisor, keynote speaker, and author. He wrote The Amazon Way, an excellent book that explains Amazon's 14 Leadership Principles and shares the tools, mechanisms, and habits needed to create change in a team or business.

As a former Amazon executive, John played a key role in launching the Amazon Marketplace business and running the enterprise services business.

Since leaving Amazon, he has worked with companies of all sizes in various industries, helping them create business and product strategies as well as develop culture and innovation.

He is also a Managing Partner at Rossman Partners - a business consulting firm that helps clients create fast, real, and lasting change through digital transformation.

Topics & Timestamps

00:00 Guest Introduction
02:19  Episode start
03:30 John Rossman Backstory, started as an Engineer
08:05 "The Amazon Way"
12:10  Who should read this book?
12:51   Why Mid-sized businesses are great
22:50 It's hard to convince customers better solutions
36:28 What are target-operating models?
42:35 Advice for founders on the current business climate

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