About THE Host

Hey, I’m Yoni

Nice to meet you, I’m problem solving driven looking to create  systems to solve all of the worldly problems I encounter.

In one year I learned what it is to have a team of 4 grow into payroll of over 120 team members and I still have a lot of questions to ask about how I can continue to grow, improve and avoid the mistakes we all make.

The podcast is centered on questions that relate to growing, selling, acquiring and more specifically scaling a business and what comes with it.

Have you helped make anyones life better today?

About My Businesses

Escala Consulting and MultiplyMii Staffing takes a comprehensive, holistic and impactful approach to scaling all things eCommerce and Amazon. Built on a solid foundation that emphasizes putting the right people in the right places to achieve the very best results.  MultiplyMii identifies the best eCommerce talent in the Philippines and overlays our human resource function to all but guarantee success in new hire selection, onboarding and ongoing performance management.

On the Escala side of things, using an eCommerce focused process improvement consultancy reinforces our ability to enhance the experience of scaling a business to million dollar status. This is the driving force that we use in the professionalization of the eCommerce space. Leveraging expertise gathered from consulting giants such as EY, Accenture, as well as other tier one consultants, we have built a maturity framework and an end-to-end holistic methodology for process improvement and achieving true scale. We pride ourselves on being the first consultancy at scale to support the market with solutions that see rapid improvement and tangible growth.

My background

Hi! My name is Yoni and I’m here to take you all on a journey. As with every trip we take in life, it all starts with a single step and I’m here to make each and every step of the way as easy as can be. However, the road ahead is still steep and narrow since nothing actually worth doing ever came easy.

I have spent decades learning and studying the ins and outs of scaling and constantly applying what I’ve learned in the process and improving the flow and direction of my scaling methodologies. I spent the bulk of my career in digital marketing and creative advertising across the world including place like Australia, Los Angeles and Tel Aviv. Over the years, I have helped develop digital strategies for the likes of Mercedez- Benz, Mastercard, Sony, Medtronic Diabetes, Mondelez International and other 8-figure eCommerce brands.

Back in 2018, I entered the highly competitive and colourful world of Amazon. With the help of the excellent teams we’ve built, I developed new strategies in scaling that allowed us to grow the business from $2 million to $5 million in a year. Utilizing hard earned experience and knowledge gained from working in top digital agencies for many years, we built a fluid process, as well as a team of incredibly talented individuals located in the Philippines. This allowed me to execute the necessary measures at a fraction (4 or 5 times less) of the costs it would have taken had we used manpower from locations in developed countries.

All of these experiences eventually crystalized into what would become Escala and MultiplyMii.

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