Ep 20: Systems, Automation, Scalability, and Performance-Based Culture with Norman Farrar - CEO of prREACH

Yoni Kozminski
April 9, 2021
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We've come to our 20th podcast episode! CHEERS. Our guest is Norman Farrar AKA The Beard Guy, CEO and PR Growth Specialist at prREACH - the world's first elite video press release service renowned for revolutionizing online digital news.

His podcast, Lunch with Norm, is your resource for everything Amazon, ecommerce, digital marketing, and more.

Topics covered:

  • Automation and scalability
  • Having SOPs in the company
  • Performance-based culture
  • Time management

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Episode Transcript

Yoni Kozminski
Founder & CEO - Escala & MultiplyMii

The host of Successful Scales by night and the CEO of Escala & MultiplyMii by day with a burning desire to solve the problems that exist in scaling businesses.