Ep 63: Pivoting from a Successful Business and Rebuilding Into A Service-Based Agency, Key Lessons Learned with Keith O'Brien - CEO of Page.One

Yoni Kozminski
November 24, 2021
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Today's episode is with Keith O'Brien - CEO of Page.One, a full-service agency serving Amazon and e-commerce businesses with Listing Optimization, Product Photography, Enhanced Brand Content, PPC Management, and Full Brand Management.

Keith had the privilege of working with thousands of businesses since 2014 in a variety of different services to help them intelligently and profitably scale their Amazon revenues.

He was previously the CEO of - a unique direct to consumer marketing company that helps Amazon sellers increase their sales by facilitating real reviews from members.

It was a hugely successful business but they had to pivot and rebuild it into a service-based agency which is Page.One - find out in this episode why and how.

Topics covered:

  • Pivoting from a successful business
  • Building a service-based agency
  • Key lessons learned from being a service provider
  • Attracting key talents

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Episode Transcript

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