Ep 21: Setting Your Goals, Business Systems, and Investing In A Company with Mina Elias, Founder & CEO of MMA Nutrition

Yoni Kozminski
April 12, 2021
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In this episode, we have Mina Elias, Founder and CEO of MMA Nutrition LLC - a leader in peak performance supplements designed for athletes at the highest level. With a background in Chemical & Industrial Engineering, Mina transitioned to entrepreneurship and he tells his inspiring story in the podcast.

Yoni and Mina also talked a lot of about setting goals, creating business systems and efficiency, and investing in a company.

Topics covered:

  • Knowing what you really want
  • Having an end goal in mind
  • Following a system in your business
  • Improving your system and framework

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Episode Transcript

Yoni Kozminski
Founder & CEO - Escala & MultiplyMii

The host of Successful Scales by night and the CEO of Escala & MultiplyMii by day with a burning desire to solve the problems that exist in scaling businesses.