Ep 28: Data-Driven Decision Making, Billion-Dollar Ideas, and Scaling Efficiently with James Thomson - Chief Strategy Officer at Buy Box Experts

Yoni Kozminski
May 7, 2021
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In today's episode, Yoni sat down with James Thomson - Chief Strategy Officer at Buy Box Experts. Buy Box Experts is a 200+ person agency, supporting brand executives who seek to control and grow their Amazon channel businesses.

James served as the business head of Amazon Services during the early days of his career - the division of Amazon responsible for recruiting tens of thousands of sellers annually to the Amazon Marketplace. He also served as the first account manager for the Amazon FBA program.

With his background and expertise in the Amazon industry, he shares with us how it's like working at Amazon and all the amazing things he's learned about scaling efficiently, problem-solving, data-driven decision making, and even recruitment.

Topics covered:

  • Working on solving big problems
  • Scaling efficiently using data
  • Working on the right problems
  • Competition
  • Recruitment
  • Billion-dollar ideas

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