Ep 58: Building The Foundation of your Business & Impact of Niching Down Your Offer with Guillaume Le Tual - CEO and Founder of MageMontreal

Yoni Kozminski
October 20, 2021
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Today's episode is with Guillaume Le Tual - CEO & Founder of MageMontreal, an e-commerce website design and development company working exclusively on the Magento platform.

Guillaume is an entrepreneur and multimedia technologist with a career spanning fifteen years. He previously worked briefly as a professional visual artist for clients such as Volkswagen, Discovery Channel, The National Bank of Canada, and Warner Bros.

When he gained experience in web design specifically Magento and digital marketing, he founded MageMontreal to help businesses build their e-commerce websites.

Topics covered:

  • Starting point of Entrepreneurship
  • Focus and niching down your service
  • Startup phase experience
  • Sustainability, life balance, time management

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