Ep 77: Mission-Led Business, Sustainability, and Investing in Team Culture with Norman Crowley, Founder of Cool Planet, AVA, and Crowley Carbon

Yoni Kozminski
March 30, 2022
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For our 77th episode, host Yoni Kozminski sat down with Norman Crowley, Founder of Cool Planet, Ava, and Crowley Carbon. Norman founded and sold three businesses for more than $750 million before the age of 40. These included The Cloud - Europe's largest WIFI operator, Inspired Gaming Group - the world's largest company in the server based gaming domain, and Trinity Commerce - one of the first eCommerce services companies in the world.

He is currently on a mission to cool the planet, and has set up an electric car manufacturing company (AVA), a decarbonisation and energy efficiency firm (Cool Planet) and a solar energy firm (Crowley Solar).

This is an interesting conversation on having a mission-led business, sustainability, and investing in team culture you wouldn't want to miss.

Topics & Timestamps

0:00 Episode introduction

3:26 About Norman Crowley

12:54 Imposter syndrome

16:22 Making money

20:53 Critical stages in building a team

25:26 Building a team culture

33:52 Deeper planning ang long-term vision

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Company (AVA) website: https://www.studioava.com/

Company (Crowley Carbon) LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/954782/admin/

Company (Crowley Carbon) website: https://www.crowleycarbon.com/

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Episode Transcript

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