Ep 80: Transition from Agency to SaaS, Power of Data, and Living a Balanced Life with Nater Youngchild - CEO and Co-Founder of D8a Driven

Yoni Kozminski
May 13, 2022
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As the CEO and Co-Founder of D8a Driven, Nater's entrepreneurial focus is on the SaaS platform that is an amalgamation of his +10 years leading eCommerce businesses. From a University dorm room in 2008, Nater built the first multi-store grocery delivery platform in the PNW, which brought him to Amazon.com where he learned and experienced blowing up brands on the Amazon marketplace.

This led him to develop an Amazon consulting agency that did the same for brands and sellers driving over $500M in growth on Amazon. And after 10 years of experience, he brought all of his learnings into the creation of D8a Driven, a platform that drives profitable growth for brands on Amazon by executing a tailored strategy using Big Data.

He is engaged to a Canadian entrepreneur, and they live a life of adventure based out of a travel van and between homes in the mountains of Seattle, WA and shores of Victoria, BC. Nater prides himself on a balanced life between entrepreneurial ventures, mountain sport exploration (with a keen focus on backcountry snowboarding and snowmobiling) and a deep connection with his family, colleagues and friends abroad.

While Nater’s personal entrepreneurial attention is devoted to D8a Driven, he also invests, advises and takes seriously his role in inspiring self-confidence in other entrepreneurs.

Topics & Timestamps:

0:00 Episode introduction

2:12 Nater Youngchild's background story

8:30 Entrepreneurial journey

16:16 Working with a co-founder

20:01 Hustle culture

30:41 Amazon agency and data

36:58 Transition from agency to building SaaS

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