Ep 86: Being Intentional with Your Time & Building an Optimal Lifestyle with Mina Elias - Founder of Trivium

Yoni Kozminski
August 22, 2022
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In this week's episode, Mina Elias comes back to the podcast to talk about being intentional with your time and building the optimal lifestyle for you. Mina is an Amazon PPC expert, industry speaker, and a multiple seven-figure seller in the supplement industry. He founded Trivium Group, an Amazon Advertising Agency, with the belief that by implementing strategic marketing strategies, every eCommerce brand can reach its revenue goals.

Topics & Timestamps:

00:00 Guest Introduction

02:22 Episode Start

03:25 A Cool Story of Mina Elias

09:24 "A Slave for Money" - Unfulfilling and inefficient grind

14:00 Building your optimal life

19:55 Value of mentors and finding a mentor for you

26:00 The relationship you build with a mentor

28:37 The motivation of giving back

32:48 A creature of habit in the best type of way

33:18 Helping people realize their potential

35:21 The PPC Academy

36:55 How to reach out to Mina and his team

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