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Ep 46: Health and Wellness eCommerce, Key Lessons in Buying & Selling Businesses with Yadin Shemmer - Founder & CEO of Intrinsic

Yoni Kozminski
August 11, 2021
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In this episode, Yoni sat down with Yadin Shemmer - Founder & CEO of Intrinsic - a company that acquires and accelerates health and wellness brands.

Aside from his Psychology and Investment Banking background, Yadin is also a serial consumer health entrepreneur, former CEO and president at a publicly traded company, with several successful exits.

Topics covered:

  • Shift to entrepreneurship
  • Key lessons in business
  • Signs and signals to sell a business
  • Factors entrepreneurs should consider when selling
  • How Intrinsic can help young healthcare brands
  • Process of taking a company public then selling it

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