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Ep 71: Business Integration, Merging Operations, and Predictions in the Aggregator Space with Philipp Triebel - Co-Founder of SellerX

Yoni Kozminski
January 26, 2022
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This week's episode is with Philipp Triebel, Co-Founder of SellerX. After a career in finance, Philipp built an online consumer brand out of NYC. He has acquired many family-owned businesses around the world and is now looking forward to helping sellers exit their businesses.

He co-founded SellerX - Europe’s leading aggregator of e-commerce businesses. Their goal is to be the Buyer of Choice for top Amazon FBA and other e-commerce sellers and to establish an innovative new model for the future of consumer goods globally.

To contact Philipp:

Topics & Timestamps:

0:00 Episode introduction

3:18 Philipp Triebel guest introduction

8:18 SellerX acquisition strategy

13:32 How do you integrate two businesses

21:08 Business roadmap & predictions on the aggregator space

33:19 Key things you look at when acquiring

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